saturday 26 + sunday 27 june

Alix Eynaudi/Anne Faucheret

Insomnia, a word of mouth


Insomnia, a word of mouth is a miniature, forever recessive, cruising the edges, the river banks, the margins of festivals.

Two women – Anne and Alix – cruise the undergrowths of a public event, (almost) unannounced. Like notes on the sidelines of the event, they (f)orage through their libraries together with guests, in an open air dark room.

A joyful act of bibliomancy.

The books act in spite of themselves. They get along with each other, they get in touch across activities, readings, translations and (mis)interpretations, together they hold a (social) space where we talk to each other. Like earthly tremors, Insomnia, a word of mouth welcomes and encourages the formation of lines and fissures along this space of sharing. A bootleg poem orchestrated by a change of colour.

(pardon aux arbres)

Alix Eynaudi dances, works, writes, between craft & chaos in a joyful mess of sorts. She doesn’t work alone; any event, research, invitation is an alibi to spend time with accomplices, a mesh of friendships scintillating under skins, a stirring of a full-of-wonder support. Deep hanging out. In the past couple of years, she has been asked to curate learning platforms and cartes blanches in various institutions across the field of live arts. She approaches these tasks with a particular attention to the (combination of) infrastructures that make these events possible and the different filters of attending that they offer. She is currently working on Noa & Snow, a gentle experiment between the everyday and the event, an art-based research project which aims at exploring the capacities of poetry to ignite imagination across several writing modes and genres in order to shed some light on the possible articulations between performance practices and writing practices.

Anne Faucheret is an art historian and curator. She has been working for the Kunsthalle Wien since 2014, where she has organized several exhibitions and public programs, among others Hysterical Mining (with Vanessa J. Müller), Work it, feel it! (with Eva Meran), or The Promise of Total Automation. She also works in collective constellations where she tests new forms of research, togetherness and sharing. Her interests lie at the intersection between art, politics, technology and all that lives.

concept and selected books Alix Eynaudi
with Alix Eynaudi and Anne Faucheret
luminous objects An Breugelmans
production Xing/Live Arts Week, Alix Eynaudi/boite de production